Rewild Play - who are we?

There is me, and my trustees who support the charitable arm of the company. Rewild Play is a limited by guarantee company, which means no dividends can be taken out of the company. 100% of the profits remains in the company to help grow and support children in the South Wales area. 


I'm a married mum to 4 children who I home educate. 

I used to own a day nursery and spent 12 years in Early Years. I have a degree in Early Years Education and also a qualified Early Years Teacher. 

I was lucky enough to visit Iceland in 2015 on an educational visit and my mind was blown by how different our educational philosophies are. 

I decided to sell my business and move back home to South Wales. 

My youngest son is diagnosed ADHD, ASD and dyslexia. There are limited services and resources available in our area, so I decided to look for sites. I am also a recently diagnosed adult with ADHD and being outside helps me so much!

Figuring I wasn't the only person feeling the same with regards to services, Rewild Play was born. 

I've now decided to return to studying and am undertaking a distance learning Masters Degree with the University of Birmingham in Social, Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties, which I hope to use to support the children in the Outdoors. 

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