What we do

We are still small and looking to grow, so more children are able to experience Nature in a safe environment. Take their own risks and explore their strengths. Being outside is said to help with resilience and mental health. 

Forest School Sessions

We run sessions during the week for children who are home-educated and then on Saturdays, we run sessions for children and their carers, who have additional learning needs or disabilities. 

All children have the opportunity to work towards the John Muir Award. 

The groups are small and friendly, which mean the children are able to build their confidence and form friendships. 

Each session is small and welcoming, ensuring every child's need are met. 

Sessions run between 2 and 4 hours long.

Giant Junk Modelling

These sessions are an amazing way for children to have free reign of their imagination and creativity in a safe and child-led environment. 

These truly allow children to be children whilst developing all the necessary skills they need, such as emotional well-being, cognitive skills, communication, critical thinking and problem solving. 

Children have the freedom to work along or with others, with minimal adult input. We just cut the string or hold a box in place. The children direct us. 

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